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Frequently Asked Questions

To Tip or not to tip? Customers often ask this question.
Tipping at the Art of Massage is always appreciated but not at all expected. The cost of massage is a pretty big deal and so we would rather you come more often to benefit from the Art of Massage instead of leaving a tip and having to reduce the amount of bodywork or other essential enjoyments in your life.
How frequently should I get massage?
Although people will occasionally say that if they had an unlimited flow of cash they would hire me full time… it hasn’t happened yet. So, frequency of massage is based on 3 factors: time, funds, and needs. The first two factors essentially have to balance out with the rest of your life’s schedule. The third factor has to do with what issues your body is currently enduring. If an acute injury is in the healing process, perhaps a weekly massage for several weeks may be recommended. If chronic pain or overall stress relief, or as maintenance to your wellness regimen, then this will depend on really listening to your own body. For some folks, this means weekly. For others it is every other week or once a month on a regular routine basis. The more you invest in your body in terms of self-care, the more you’re able to discover it’s needs. When we begin to listen, it’s amazing what we can hear it saying to us. “Love me too, please.”
What type of massage do I need?
When you arrive, a health history will be requested and there will be a brief discussion of your current issues. Upon palpation of your body, your therapist will determine what type of massage technique best fits your body’s needs. Each massage is tailored to your specific needs, so no need to be concerned about not knowing which massage to receive when you arrive.

what people say

“Having a massage with Kim is such a wonderful experience. I always feel rejuvinated and relaxed when I leave!”Erin L.