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kim's photo Kim Theodore, a registered nurse and certified massage therapist, is the founder and owner of the Art of Massage. Kim is a graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage and the College of Southern Maryland. Licensed by the state of Virginia and certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Kim is also an active member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. Kim values personal development and enjoys the freedom of mountain biking, yoga, and hiking.
Yvonne Dreptate, CHt, CMT, began exploring health and wellness at a very young age, after being diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that challenged her in everyday life. This compelled her to find health and wellness in many different ways and propelled her on her own amazing journey of transformation and healing. At 19 she started her journey to acquire her PhD.
After much schooling and researching many paths, she became a collector of modalities and techniques. These techniques complimented her school work in the counseling field. She realized that the mind body and soul need to be treated together or healing and wellness will come slowly or not at all. In 2006, Yvonne graduated from Massage Academy of the Poconos and concurrently attended the School of Professional Hypnosis graduating in May 2013.
One of her favorite techniques is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. She began to learn the depth of holistic healing and the power of relaxation. She decided to complete her studies and live a life that encourages others to treat their souls to peace and happiness.
Lisa Manning, CHt, CMT, has specialized in light touch therapy for anxiety and chronic pain since 2005.
As a Craniosacral and Myofascial Release therapist, she has witnessed many powerful outcomes for clients seeking to manage the symptoms of pain and anxiety without depending on medication.
Her work with seniors and chronic disease management led her to become certified in Elder care and Hypnosis therapy to be able to teach natural self-care tools for clients to use with pain and stress at home.
Her goal is to empower individuals on their healing path and to help them achieve their best quality of life with grace and ease.

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